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it smells like updog in here

whats updog?

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40 year old virgin, across the universe, adventures in babysitting, adventures in dinosaur city, aerosmith, alison lohman, almost famous, bad santa, beastie boys, ben stiller, benno fürmann, benny and joon, billy madison, biodome, black sheep, blue oyster cult, bradley cooper, brandon boyd, bruce almighty, callum blue, chris lowell, christian bale, christian slater, clerks ii, cloverfield, colin mochrie, conan obrien, count of monte cristo, coyote ugly, daniel craig, david bowie, david duchovny, death sentence, detroit rock city, diane lane, dinosaurs, dinotopia, dirty dancing, donnie darko, elf, encino man, evan almighty, evolution, ewan mcgregor, fall out boy, fight club, fiona apple, flight of the conchords, from dusk till dawn, gael garcia bernal, garth nix, gleaming the cube, green day, grindhouse, happy gilmore, heathers, heroes, i ♥ huckabees, in the army now, incubus, interview with the vampire, jack black, james franco, jason schwartzman, jim carrey, jj abrams, john legend, john leguizamo, john mayer, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, joss whedon, jurassic park, kanye west, kelley armstrong, kevin nealon, kevin smith, kim harrison, latter days, laurell k. hamilton, legend of billie jean, little darlings, little miss sunshine, mallrats, michael weatherly, micheal c hall, micheal crichton, milo ventimiglia, moulin rouge, neil diamond, neil gaiman, nightmare before christmas, pat benatar, patrick fugit, pirates of the caribbean, princess bride, pump up the volume, quentin tarantino, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, richard gere, rilo kiley, road trip, robert schwartzman, rock star, rocky horror picture show, rooney, roswell, ryan gosling, ryan stiles, sarah michelle gellar, saved!, saving silverman, saw, scott speedman, sean maher, serenity, simply irresistible, son in law, spiderman, step up, steve carell, steve zahn, stray cats, styx, superbad, the doors, the fratellis, the labyrinth, the notebook, the outsiders, tommy boy, tony shaloub, trent ford, tuck everlasting, tyron lietso, underworld, unfaithful, velvet goldmine, velvet revolver, vh1 celebreality, vincent kartheiser, waynes world, wedding crashers, where the heart is, white oleander, will ferrell, wizard of oz, zooey deschanel, zoolander